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Welcome to Ibex Engineering

Ibex Engineering is a manufacturer of precision linear and rotary positioning systems, specializing in custom OEM solutions. Ibex Engineering is a quality certified manufacterer with ISO 9001:2008 ceritification.

Ibex Engineering designs positioning systems specifically tailored to meet your equipment and process requirements. The positioning systems employ the best in class compontentry and are tested in our metrology lab to verify all positioning.

Please take a moment to browse our positioning system capabilities. We specialize in providing innovative custom positioning stage solutions that employ the most advanced motor and motion technologies available. With in this web site you will be introduced to a variety of configurations such as:

  • Linear Servo Stages
  • Linear Screw Stages
  • Voice Coil Stages
  • Direct Drive Rotary Stages
  • Belt Drive Rotary Stages
  • Goniometric Stages
  • Z-wedge Stages
  • Granite Stages
  • Servo and Screw Driven Gantries
  • Gimbols and Gyros
  • Tripod and Hexapod Actuators
  • Custom Positioning Systems

If our capabilities are of interest then please tell us more about your required specifications and/or process. You can contact us via phone, email, (see Contact page) or make plans to visit us in Newbury Park, California. Location visits include tour, lunch and personalized interaction with our engineering team. Thanks for stopping by and contact us at your earliest convenience.

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