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About Us

"Building partnerships one project at a time"

Ibex Engineering was founded by Andre Perrin in 1999. The company was formed to fill a gap in the motion control and positioning market by providing customized precision motion control platforms when off-the-shelf platforms were insufficient. Since then Ibex Engineering has gained a reputation for servicing the most demanding ultra precision motion control applications for markets that typically define leading edge technology. Those markets include Disk drive, Semiconductor fabrication, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, National Laboratories, Microscopy, Life sciences, Drug Discovery and Genomics. Ibex designs and fabricates everything from simplest screw stages to the most critical non-magnetic, Ultra High Vacuum motion control platforms.


Our ultimate goal at Ibex is to build lasting OEM partnerships; when we say partnerships we mean building business relationships that help our customers accelerate their sales through product enhancement. Our experienced automation and design teams are always ready for new challenges and unlike most stage manufacturers we excel at producing creative custom solutions required for most OEM specific applications.

Sacha Marcroft Vice President

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