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Direct Drive Rotary Servo Stage

Ibex produces a variety of Direct Drive Rotary Servo Stages. Servo stages are usually defined by the type of motor employed and mainly driven by application or customer specification. All of the available motor types have benefits and draw backs so we carefully select the motor type that is most suitable to meet the required specification.  Ibex Engineering has extensive experience with all types of Direct Drive Rotary Motors but specifically employs the following.

Motor types:

  • Piezo-Ceramic Servo
  • Ironless Core Rotary Servo
  • Slotless Rotary Servo
  • Slot type Rotary Servo
  • Rotary Torquer motor voice coils

Examples below show various standard and vacuum direct drive rotaries from rotary wafer stages 1 inch thick to large 250mm apeture thru hole stages.  Let us review your OEM specifications and design the perfect rotary to meet your specific requirements. Don't settle for anything else.



Please feel free to contact us for of your application needs


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