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Goniometer or Goniometric stages are typically used tokinematic_stack rotate an object in an arc about a point in space. The point in space is defined by the bearings arc. Common radius’s used for Goniometer bearings are 60mm, 90mm 100mm or 160mm and rotate in an arc from +/- 3 degrees to approximately +/- 15 degrees with the most common types using +/- 10 degrees.  Stacking 2 Goniometric stages centering about the same point allows for unobstructed but limited spherical type motion.

Ibex manufactures an array of standard and custom Goniometric stages that utilize a number of different bearing types from Crossed Roller bearings to air bearings using a number of motor technologies including Piezo servo motors and stepper or servo driven screws.

At Ibex Engineering standard and non-standard strokes or radii have been and can be custom developed for those most demanding applications.

Samples of single axis and compound stages can be seen below>

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