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Custom OEM Solutions

Ibex Engineering has a strong reputation for LaserWelderdeveloping and manufacturing advanced ultra high precision positioning systems. Our unique niche allows us to provide custom positioning stages for OEM clients across a number of industries. What separates us from the competition is that we offer custom solutions for prices comparable to standard offerings.

Our engineering staff has developed systems from the simplest of OEM screw driven stages to the most demanding Nanomotion based, Ultra High Vacuum positioning stages. The diplayed below are some of the systems developed to fulfill standard and custom requirements. Whether you need , linear servo actuator, Rotary positioning, Z-wedges, Gantries…granite based systems we can help.

With extensive engineering knowledge covering a wide variety of materials, motor technologies and precision bearing systems Ibex has the unique ability to help you meet all of your motion and positioning requirements.

>Video Clips:

Fun Gyro clip

3axis gyroscope side1

linear servo gantry 8 axis

High speed Linear Servo Gantry with Voice Coil Actuators;feature=relmfu

Examples of OEM build both exotic and simple:

Please contact us for any of your application needs

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