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Voice Coils

Voice Coil






Ibex voice coil actuators offer a variety of benefits overtraditional screw and U-shaped servo stages in that they are offer high acceleration, smooth cog-free velocity, direct drive, high force and high stiffness in a compact design. Having the flexibility of using voice coil technology allows ibex to provide cost effective high performance motor technologies where more traditional technology would not physically fit. Voice coil actuators offered by Ibex are just another tool to help you expand your process and machine capabilities.

Voice coil technology can be found in a plethora of different applications across many markets such as: Aerospace and defense, medical device manufacturing, life science, drug discovery, semi-conductor, disc drive, packaging, automated tooling, telecom and electronic assembly.

  • Ultra High Short Stroke Speed
  • High Duty
  • High Force
  • Compact
  • Simple Rigid Construction

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Please take a moment to view a few samples of Ibex Voice coil stages below:





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